How To Raise Money For MultiFamily Investing

Even If You Have Zero Experience

60+ Syndications | 9,500+ MultiFamily Units | 1.5B+ MultiFamily Portfolio

45+ Assisted Living Communities | 5,000+ Senior Housing Units | 500M+ Assisted Living Portfolio


What others are saying about us

"Coaching with Vinney gave me the jumpstart that I needed to close my first deal and quit my job. Today I have invested in 300 units and have another 240 under contract. Vinney takes what seems to be a "10,000 lb gorilla" and breaks it into simple, actionable steps. The best part about Vinney is that he leads by example as a true veteran in the field."

- Dylan Marma

"Vinney is not just a great educator but someone who is extremely successful as a multifamily investor. He gave us the opportunity to tour his properties to learn first hand. There are a lot of moving parts and Vinney covered every single part extensively. He's also been very gracious in sharing all his contacts in his network to shortcut our journey."

- Debbie Brackett

"I've been doing real estate and property management for over 20 years. After signing up for Vinney's mentoring program, we syndicated and closed two deals within three months totaling over $4.5 million. Vinney even invited us into his home for personal training. Dedicate yourself as a student to your master teacher, Vinney. Success will follow!"

- Brent Par

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